Solved! 8 Blooming Plants Sure to Bloom for Your Customers in Winter

Ensure that your garden looks lively year-round by filling flower beds and window boxes with any of these winter blooms.

Q: I’m dreading the coming winter months because my yard always looks so bare and brown when all the summer blooming plants die or go dormant. Are there any flowers that bloom in the winter? Or, am I stuck with a drab landscape until the temperatures warm up next spring?

A: Great news! Cold weather actually brings out the best in some plants. At the first hint of frost, when most flowering plants wither, the following eight varieties are just getting started. You don’t have to put up with another drab winter. Add a welcome touch of color to your window boxes and flower beds by planting one or more of these colorful winter flowers…[READ MORE]

Source: Solved! 8 Flowers Sure to Bloom in Winter

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