Freakebana: The New, Ugly-Cool Style of Arranging Flowers

It’s pronounced “free-ke-ba-na.”

On a recent Thursday in lower Manhattan, I sat at the well-worn kitchen table of artist-chef Laila Gohar. At the edge of the wooden surface, nestled among an open wine bottle and some tasteful pottery, lay a humble sweet potato, into which three short sprigs of greenery had been inserted. It was a whimsical gesture — a “floral arrangement” as imagined by an alien farmer or a child gnome.

A few days later, I scrolled through Instagram and happened upon the feed of Mexican designer Carla Valdivia. She and her collaborator, Roberto Sanchez, had decorated a warty golden squash with what appeared to be green dandelions and spider chrysanthemums, finishing it off with an acid-green laceleaf, photographed against a sky-blue backdrop…[READ MORE]

Source: Freakebana: The New, Ugly-Cool Style of Arranging Flowers

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