Cracking More Flower Power Code at Proflora 2017! Check Out This 25-Image Photo Gallery of Our Very Favorites!

It’s the place…’s the people…’s the beauty! Check out 25 MORE epic images, highlighting the reasons Proflora remains at the top of its game, drawing VIP industry leadership from all over the world. A week filled with well-orchestrated farm tours, a VIP opening ceremony, a tradeshow of 200 + booths, new flower breeds, display contests and a closing party that can’t be matched, Proflora is a must-see event hosted by the 2nd largest floral exporter in the world! Drawing more than 1,000 international buyers and 6,000 additional visitors annually, Proflora touts more than 1,600 flower varieties that make it to our customers’ homes each year! Check Out These Beauties!

As always, these images are yours to use and share with your team!

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