Maxine Burton, President and Founder of burton + BURTON®, recognized by University of Georgia, College of Education Insider

In 2017, Maxine Burton, president and founder of burton + BURTON®, was recognized in the University of Georgia, College of Education Insider publication. She obtained her bachelor of science in elementary education and master’s degree in education, but she found her true passion when she left teaching and began working with her husband, Bob Burton, CEO, in the floral industry. Around this time in the early 80s, Maxine saw the opportunity to capitalize on the increasing popularity of balloons as a “floating greeting card.”

In the article, Maxine Burton is quoted as saying, “Some people said that balloons were just a fad, but balloons have always made people happy . . . There are certainly no fewer balloons sold today than were sold in the 1980s, they are just marketed in different ways, and (they) continue to be a natural accompaniment to floral arrangements.”…[READ MORE]

Source: burton + BURTON Press Release

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