39-Foot Floral Peacock Created for the Medellin Flower Fair; Colombia-Check It Out!

100 people were required by the Tierra Negra Nursery to create this stunning living peacock structure at the Santa Fe Mall in Medellín, Colombia.

The Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, reported that these designers have worked tirelessly since last March in the preparation for the structure, which had to be meticulously groomed to reach its final form. This giant plant sculpture is 12 meters tall (39 ft) and required 26,000 plants in total. One of the Colviveros members, the Tierra Negra Nursery in Antioquia, was responsible for this ornamental piece requested by the Mall and especially created for the Medellín Flower Fair which started on July 28, 2017.

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