Administrative Professionals’ Day is Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

There are two good reasons why I never became an Administrative Assistant.

First of all, there was the manual typewriter, which in the 1970’s was as quick and efficient as chiseling words into a stone tablet.  Secondly,…..shorthand class.  To me, the repetitive curls and strokes, as they were called, were as decipherable as a doctor’s handwriting and as usable as the hieroglyphics inside an Egyptian cave.  Fortunately since the 1970’s, the responsibilities of today’s Administrative Professionals have continued to evolve, requiring even stronger multi-tasking skills and the mastery of ever-changing technological applications.

Indeed, it was the technology boom in the late 90’s that created greater efficaciousness and a broader scope of work carried out by our Administrative Professionals, reaffirming the full week that was set aside in 1952 to highlight and recognize their importance to our organizations.  Although not classified as a public holiday, Administrative Professionals’ Week is represented by 4 million Administrative Professionals in the United States alone, with a projected growth rate of 16% over the next eight years.  As we, in the floral industry, are striving to add incremental sales growth to our organizations, Administrative Professional Day can be a sleeping giant with the “phantom sales” of yesteryear just waiting to be called in from the sidelines for that one big play.

Admittedly, Administrative Professionals’ Day comes with its own set of challenges.  As we’re all reestablishing our financial models and re-merchandising our stores from the twin cyclones called Valentine and Easter Week, Administrative Professionals’ Day seems to sneak up on us with little fanfare.  And since the majority of Administrative Professionals’ Day sales are generated from a great amount of pre-planning and preemptive advertising, it’s easy for this sleeping giant to sneak in and out each year with unrealized sales and profits when we need them most.  Indeed, the amount of pre-planning and pre-publicizing for Administrative Professionals’ Day always has a direct impact on its success.  Creating a new, fresh and exciting promotion specifically for Administrative Professionals’ Day will add new, fresh and exciting sales to your bottom line.

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