5 digital tricks for everyday situations

Many years ago, I showed my mother how to start and stop a video using the spacebar. “Oh!” she said. “That makes it so much easier!”

Over time, most computer users have learned helpful tricks like this. They press Ctrl and “C” to copy text or Command and “F” to find a phrase on a page. They use the plus sign to make their displays bigger, or the minus sign to make it smaller. Once you start using these tricks, you forget what life was like before you knew about them.

Here are five easy tricks for solving everyday digital problems. Most of these problems have probably only bothered you on a subconscious level, but once you realize how easy they are to fix, you’ll likely exclaim, “Wait, how did I not know about this?”…[READ MORE]

Source: 5 digital tricks for everyday situations | Komando.com

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