How Leaders Can Encourage Employees To Speak Up

Learn these five essentials to help employees become confident enough to communicate constructive feedback.

As a leadership coach, there are a few questions I am asked consistently by HR professionals and executives, one of which is: Why don’t people speak up more?

A senior human resource executive in a very large company recently told me that people often say they hesitate to speak up because they fear retribution. She was especially confused by this because in her 20 years with the company she had never seen disciplinary action taken or known of someone to be fired because they spoke up. In fact, she knew that people willing to speak up were actually more likely to get promoted. The disconnect between what employees believed and the reality was understandably frustrating for her.

It’s a troubling tale but, unfortunately, not an unfamiliar one…[READ MORE]

Source: How Leaders Can Encourage Employees To Speak Up

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