This Bubble-Shaped Greenhouse is Filled with Medicinal Healing Plants

Australian artist Janet Laurence is blending the worlds of art, architecture, and medicinal botany into one “breathing bubble”. Currently on display at Berlin’s International Garden Exposition, “Inside the Flower” is an experimental garden that showcases the diversity of medicinal botany.

Working with the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture and Archimedes, Janet Laurence assembled the greenhouse in just two days. The transparent structure consists of a clear membrane of natural cotton wrapped around a steel frame, which curves upward to create a central ring at the apex. The greenhouse is set on a wooden platform, but the interior floor is covered in a metal mesh, adding an industrial and minimalist feel to the installation…[READ MORE]

Source: This bubble-shaped greenhouse is filled with medicinal healing plants | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

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