18 Plants You’ve Never Seen Before!

You’ve never seen these colorful varieties before.

The world of plants is always evolving—and that means you have more options for your flower beds than ever before. New varieties are being developed to meet specific needs, Dan Heims, President of Terra Nova Nurseries, tells CountryLiving.com, “like a pulmonaria that doesn’t grow mildew, or a coleus that branches heavily and has so much vigor that it’s a ‘hands-off’ maintenance proposition.”

We love the sound of that! “For plants like coreopsis,” he continues, “our goal was to introduce easy-care plants in a variety of colors based on a cold-hardy parent. Sometimes we introduce a plant that has never existed (like x mukgenia), or a plant barely known in horticultural circles, like Scrophularia CARDINALE™ ‘Red.'”…[READ MORE]

Source: 18 Plants You’ve Never Seen Before – Meet the Latest Garden Varieties Fresh From the Nursery

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