Why Drone Delivery Still Has a Long Way to Go Before It Takes Off | Retail Dive

High-profile drone delivery demonstrations continue, but frequent market use is years away, and hurdles must be overcome.

Drone delivery continues to draw great interest from retailers, logistics companies and drone manufacturers — yet the average consumer is years away from getting burritos, books or bath towels delivered by drones on a regular basis.

The concept of drone delivery for retail emerged at almost four years ago, when Amazon chief Jeff Bezos made clear his ambitions to use drones as part of Amazon’s push to accelerate its product deliveries. That announcement drew initial snickering, but Google, Wal-Mart and others soon after expressed series interest. Since then, there have been and continue to be many one-off drone delivery tests and demonstrations, as well as longer, but tightly-controlled pilot programs…[READ MORE]

Source: Why drone delivery still has a long way to go before it takes off | Retail Dive

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