12 Low-Maintenance Flowers You Can’t Kill | MNN – Mother Nature Network

These plants are durable and hardy, and they’re nearly impossible for even the lightest green thumb to kill.

Sometimes you just want a guarantee. You don’t have the money or time for that picture-perfect garden that you know someone spends hours upon hours on each week. In short, you’re probably looking for flowers that you can pretty much plant and then forget. Yet, you still want them to be drought-tolerant, have beautiful blooms, and be reliable.

It is possible! “Plants You Can’t Kill” is a new book with 101 plant suggestions for every category — perennial, annual, shrub, tree, herb, houseplant, veggie and more. Here are 12 perennials and annuals plants from the book that you can definitely count on in your own garden — plus they all have great flowers. The botanical name listed for each one should help you find it online or at your local garden center. Happy planting!…[READ MORE]

Source: 12 low-maintenance flowers you can’t kill | MNN – Mother Nature Network

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